Information for a Better Case

Attorney Kerri Cook Huber will be sharing a fresh tip every third Thursday of the month to help you enhance the results in your legal matter.

September 21 2023

1. Find a Good Fit

The law is a tool. It should be sharp and stable. The lawyer can act as a medium between the law and the client. How well that relationship functions is dependent upon one’s ability to explain, describe, read and question – to actually think through, move and help change an experience. That “one” is both the lawyer and the client. Be practical but value a good fit. 

2. Be Responsive

Your attorney will request information from you that could ultimately lead to a better result for you. If you have questions about those requests, you should ask, all while keeping in mind that a timely response shows the other side that you are prepared. Often, a case cannot progress without vital information only you can provide. By timely responding and maintaining those communications, the common goal of progress can be met.

3. Keep it Fresh

Clients should prepare a history of their case. Jot down notes to keep those details fresh. As your case progresses, use a simple calendar to memorialize difficulties or challenges, whether they be medical or otherwise. Provide details on how a collision or injury has impacted you or keep notes on the development of the claim. Be organized in doing so.  Keep a list of which professionals have been utilized, whether they be doctors, vocational experts, or other professionals, such as car repairmen or electricians. Most cases rely heavily on expert opinions. Summaries of wage loss and expenses can also be helpful. Your input is important to your case. Write it down; keep it fresh.

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