Our specialized trust attorneys are experts in trusts for varying levels of wealth, asset types and family circumstances. Trust our team with your trust needs to minimize taxes, avoid probate and protect assets. We have proven experience and strategies for decanting, reformation and modification of irrevocable trusts; formation of private and public trust companies; counsel for out-of-state attorneys and advisors; and formation of LLCs, FLPs, LLLPs and other companies for tax planning.

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Our attorneys utilize the latest techniques for trusts and asset protection and have proven experience and modern strategies in:

  • Decanting, Reformation, and Modification of Irrevocable Trusts
  • Formation of Public and Private Trust Companies
  • Representation and General Counsel Services for Trust Departments, Companies, and Banks
  • Local Counsel for out-of-state Attorneys and Family Advisors
  • Asset Protection Trusts and Self-Settled Asset Protection Trusts
  • Intentionally Defective Grantor Trusts (IDGTs)
  • Incomplete Gift Non-Grantor Trusts (SD-INGs)
  • Directed / Delegated Trusts
  • Perpetual / Dynasty Trusts
  • Charitable Trusts (CRATs, CRUTs, NIMCRUTs, etc)
  • Incentive Trusts
  • Minor’s Trusts
  • Health and Education Exclusion Trusts (HEETs)
  • Private Foundations
  • Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts (ILITs)
  • Private Placement Life Insurance
  • Formation of LLCs, FLPs, LLLPs and other companies for tax planning
  • All types and combinations of Trusts that combine the unique asset protection and tax advantages of South Dakota

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