Staff Spotlight: Glenda Hutton, Legal Administrator

Staff Spotlight: Glenda Hutton, Legal Administrator

Written on December 19th, 2018

Glenda Hutton, the Legal Administrator at our Rapid City law firm, was born in Chadron, Nebraska and grew up on a farm/ranch 20 miles northwest of Chadron at a place called Wayside, Nebraska. She went to a very small country school through the 8th grade that was across the road where she lived. Most of those years it was only her and her brother in the school. She went to Chadron High School and attended Chadron State College and the National College of Business in Rapid City obtaining her accounting degree.

Glenda has been with our firm for 31 years starting out as a runner and then moving her way up to Legal Administrator in 2012. When we asked Glenda what a typical day is for her as a Legal Administrator, her response was “There is no such thing as a typical day for me. It can go from blowing leaves or snow off of sidewalks, working with the staff in accounting, preparing financial information for the firm, dealing with human resource and benefits issues to attending meetings on many different subjects.”

Glenda has many memories with Gunderson, Palmer that it is hard to know what stands out the most. Many of the memories that stand out for her have to do with the holiday party that the firm puts on each year. Memories range from coat racks folding up that have coats on them while putting cases of soda on the top so they wouldn’t fold up, trailing people up four flights of stairs as the elevators broke down, to coming into the new building one week prior to the holiday party and hearing water coming out of the ceiling from a broken pipe on the second floor with water running to the basement.

When Glenda isn’t working, she likes to read a good fiction book or watch the Nebraska Cornhusker football team. She enjoys visiting her three children, their spouses and grandkids and granddogs in Alabama, Arkansas, and Montana.  Her mother will be turning 102 in February and she goes down to Crawford, Nebraska almost every weekend to visit with her and feels privileged that she is doing so well.

At Gunderson, Palmer, Nelson & Ashmore, LLP law firm we are thankful to have Glenda on our team! She is a key asset to our Gunderson, Palmer family and helps the firm in many different ways.

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